Open Linux Point of Sale


Our Long-term goal is to provide a viable alternative to commercially-available products on the COTS and Custom ends of the product spectrum in Restaurant and Retail Point of Sale, while meeting the pace of adoption of other payment methods (in NFC, Mobile commerce) and device categories.
Computerized POS is not where it could be, with the Mobile and OSS revolutions in full-swing, and we want to help this segment flourish by providing service and intelligence wrappers around popular Linux platforms and Free and Open Source applications.

COTS products come with encumberance in initial licensing and recurring costs through the lifecycle of the product. It's up to the end user or VAR to add hardware integration, and often the available solution is running on an OS that carries its own licensing overhead.

Let's get something practical into the hands of the small-to-mid size retailers, and let them keep the pace of the emerging markets!

Electronic payment transaction processing is one hurdle to providing liberated services, providing an interface and foundation around the business and transactions is another.

SquareUp have proven how powerful free tools can be. Free reader, free app, wallet and loyalty program. You retain more control over your electronic transactions, the application can be easily tuned to your business, and the customer has a very modern, hassle-free experience.

In response to the success of Square, copycat services have sprung up all over the world. NFC and Mobile payments have yet to make their mark, but they both address only part of the POS equation.

How does OpenLPOS deliver? Our goal in providing tools boils down to:

  • Providing access to tools for business, systems, and process management
  • Building and supporting a range of distributions, using the same superset of tools
  • Delivering Ready-to-Run application platforms for J2EE, LAMP backends with corresponding frontends
What's next?

OpenLPOS is developing a similar backend layer and mobile-accessible frontend app suite ready for Cloud deployments, building on current frameworks and workflows for management and deployment. Amazon's Web Services are the target IaaS platform, with Android and other ARM Linux devices as the target frontend. Stay tuned.

Why do we want to do this?

Take a look around any restaurant, and you're likely to see a POS terminal running closed, proprietary software from a commercial vendor. At best, you can hope to access your specific branch of their code, or pay for the privilege of requesting modifications to their product.

Putting powerful, managable POS tools into the hands of “The Rest of Us”

We want to take advantage of the confluence of the Free Software, Cloud and Open Hardware movements to provide management and interface layers for terminals and platforms. Linux is everywhere Tux (by Larry Ewing) Android smartphones comprise between 46% and 51% of the smartphone market, not to mention the marketshare in the tablet space, and on the emerging small ARM machine market.


Check our Bitbucket repository for the latest source and payload files.

Find it here


We employ Doxygen when possible to provide a deeper view into code, alond with some internal tools.

Our Documentation lives here


Builds on Debian and OpenSUSE are available here. Source downloads are available under the Development section.

Getting Started

  • OpenLPOS must be built to suit your needs

  • OpenLPOS 2014 Development releases are built on openSUSE/SUSE Linux Enterprise and the Kiwi build system. Demo releases will be annouced Q2/2014
  • View or clone our code at Bitbucket here:
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